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Beasts From Below - News Tease


So a quick tease from us - we will be expecting a full write up soon from team member, Sam Willis after a recent trip to France. An epic event by all accounts, considering Sam drew the last and possibly peg on the lake on arrival, only to be made worse by the fact it was also flooded from heavy rain. However, some things as they say are written already in stone. A week of very little sleep, screaming alarms, cut lines and fierce battles with large carp, we will have an epic tale to bring you. But, for now please enjoy the banner and news pic - its all to come.




2024 is now underway, the fish and anglers in some cases are now waking up from the slumber. This said, the bait making and testing hasn't stopped since the cold set in last year. Not the whole team but, a small handful of us crazy cold weather fools were on the bank testing some new test baits that we will consider at this time to be fast leaking hook baits for very cold water. We had a couple of results, which was good but now they are once again on the back burner until the end of the year when the cold sets in so we can test them again in their new form - they would break down way too fast for warm water, a factor they are not intended for specifically. I myself am glad, as they absolutely stank to hi-hell during the rolling process, bringing me to a mouth watering place I'd only rather go after a few too many beers - nuff said really on that matter.


Chalk and cheese


This not a scientific article, purely my insights, findings and light ‘ish’ opinions as a bait maker. I do not have 30 - 40 year experience of carp angling or bait making. This in itself, doesn’t make me incorrect either, so I’ll keep it all as light and easy as possible, the way I like it to be. Most anglers generally buy their bait as a given and wont give two pub chucks about what I’m talking about and probably wont read past this first paragraph. But either way, I wanted to pose possible bait theories and how you choose to apply/use it for your next session and also seed possibilities to your mind as well. And, above everything else, I wont be giving you a magic ingredient for a bait mix, to the ultimate bait, as there just isnt one.


Gaffer's Haul


The gaffer had finally broken his streak of bad luck this weekend in mid-April, taking a well-deserved break from the rolling tables and machines to fish at a members-only lake near HQ. This lake, along with another he had been visiting since the end of summer last year, had yielded zero results for him in terms of carp, save for a measly roach and a handful of liners.


PB for Scott....Have it!


What great news to end the week on! IncQbait's Scott Cook landed himself a new personal best on Friday morning, 25th March 2022. A creature from the deep, a 46lb 8oz mirror carp, a true gem among fish for the team so far. The team, myself, and friends are all ecstatic for him, and with a bacon sarnie and a face full of water, he celebrated his well-deserved capture.

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