About IncQbait

  • 18.02.2021
  • incQbait

This family run company was first thought up a handful of years ago after a frustrating period of catching only sporadically on well-known baits. So, the aim of the incQbait game was to produce a bait that would work on any length of session, and catch fish more consistently (for us).

Our testing team has been busy for a while now. They’re a mixed batch - young, and well, not so young. With carp angling experience across the board, they’re armed with varied skillsets that help them catch carp in their own manner. They’ve tested our bait on pressured day ticket waters and on syndicate waters around the country, with great success. Nowadays, each tester even has their favourite 'go to' incQbait, as well as continuing to test the new releases. We hope you'll be able to use our baits with the same great confidence they do and make those catches happen. 

The idea of incQbait is to keep our range select, and although it will grow over time, we’ll keep it manageable. There’s nothing worse than being confronted by a plethora of flavours and liquids and not knowing what will work for you. While researching, we were shocked at the number of ingredients some baits use, but our testing showed that a good base mix of just the right stuff with some creative additives plus flavourings are more than enough to keep a hungry carp happy, and this is where we hope to make the difference to your fishing. Like a successful rig set up, we keep it simple but effective.

So here at incQbait, we’ll offer only the best of our selection. As long as you know how to find your fish and tie a good rig with a sharp hook, then we reckon the last inch with our bait on will make the difference on the day, and maybe even land you that PB!

And that’s us. If you’re interested, please feel free to sign up for our newsletter and we’ll keep you posted on the goings on, the new baits coming out - and a few other things we have planned too.

From the team at incQbait - welcome to the site. Thanks for reading, and of course stay safe and well.

 Jay Edwards - IncQbait gaffer, bait maker and carp angler (when I'm not making bait)