Gaffer's Haul

  • 21.04.2022
  • incQbait

The gaffer had finally broken his streak of bad luck this weekend in mid-April, taking a well-deserved break from the rolling tables and machines to fish at a members-only lake near HQ. This lake, along with another he had been visiting since the end of summer last year, had yielded zero results for him in terms of carp, save for a measly roach and a handful of liners. But this weekend, he approached the larger of the two lakes with an open mind and a brand new Squid InQ 12 and 14mm snowman presentation on one rod, and a single 12mm pop up on another. After casting and scattering loose boilies and crumb in both areas, the snowman presentation was picked up within 45 minutes, landing a spritely common carp of 17lb 5oz - the first fish caught in either lake! The day only got better from there, with a double take off both rods causing maximum swim carnage and intermittent takes until 4 in the afternoon, resulting in 6 fish landed - the biggest being 18lb on the nose. A decent result, considering the frustrating few months of blanks and all the other challenges carp fishing can throw one's way. And let's not forget about the new squid bait that the team had been testing since November 2021 - in the last few weeks, it had been performing exceptionally well during 24-hour sessions and longer. But today was the reason why incQbait was formed - to help people with limited time on the bank catch fish. 9 hours of fishing, 6 fish caught - not the biggest fish in the world, but certainly pretty and definitely not a blank!